The new report recognizes the pre-orders for ” pale ” of the phone iPhone XS


This year, as has happened in the last year, provided us with Apple three new phones, namely the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Has varied its prices, and technical specifications, as well as their sizes which makes them accommodate different types of users. However, it seems that at least one of these smart phones three not very popular.

If you think that this style here is the iPhone XR with LCD display, then you are mistaken. Instead, it seems that the iPhone XS is the least popular, at least according to the famous Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated in a research note again that the pre-orders on the phone, iPhone XS new was ” lackluster “.

It is unclear what is the reason behind it, but despite that, it depends that Apple Inc will continue to experience growth in shipments of iPhone on a yearly basis, thanks to the iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR. In fact, says Ming-Chi Kuo that the reception that had the iPhone XS Max was particularly strong in China, where the screen looks great and Touch Gold attractive tastes.

It has also been receiving iPhone XR positively and are expected to represent 55 to 60 percent of the sales of the iPhone this year. We won’t know that until you start shipping the phones with the knowledge that it will not be start shipping the iPhone XR until October next note that this phone won’t start accepting pre-orders until today, October 19 unlike the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max available already now for pre-order.



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