The new service Mozilla will tell you if your account was hacked

In the era of universal digitization are almost gone those who do not trust the Internet a comprehensive set of information about yourself. Here we store information about your savings, personal correspondence, photos, and even purchase history — in short, doing everything to provoke the attackers to get data from our accounts. Service Firefox Monitor will help in time to learn that your account was hacked in order to take all possible steps to minimize the damage.

Firefox Monitor is an online service for tracking the facts of hacking accounts. It gets the relevant information from the database Have I Been Pwnd, but, in contrast, allows you to sign up to in case of compromised accounts to find out about it as quickly as possible. In addition, the brand Mozilla is likely to give users more confidence than the original service, and therefore can protect against the effects of hacking the data of an even greater number of people.

Can you trust Have I Been Pwnd

Resource Have I Been Pwnd, which is a source of information for the Firefox Monitor is a development renowned expert in the field of cyber security Troy hunt. The service has information on more than half a billion compromised passwords and accounts, which are received in the analysis of third-party databases. The authority of the HIBP has already recognized the developers of the password Manager 1Password, announced integration with it this winter.

Why are you interested in hackers

No matter how secure your password is and how strong as your confidence that your account is not of interest to attackers, know that you are wrong. For hackers it makes no difference whom you work and how much you get per month. In the vast majority of cases break-ins are produced by mass selection of passwords for dozens or hundreds of accounts, opening online criminals access to your Bank accounts and personal correspondence.

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