The new tariffs may make home consoles next most expensive by 25% in the United States

xbox playstation

Since the war, the continued trade with China, the publication of the trade office of the United States of America a list of categories of goods that can testify of the applicable customs duties higher up to 25 percent. It is expected that the application of these new tariffs on goods imported from China, which will cover ” home consoles and computers “.

Yes, this means that the next generation of home consoles will be more expensive by 25 percent than we previously thought. However, it remains to be seen whether companies like Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo willing to cut profit margins to the degree not to affect the tariffs associated with the new on the pockets of consumers, but it has been noted that it is often the sale of home consoles with a loss.

And incur the company of some of the losses in all units sold in order to convince consumers to buy its devices, and the company’s profits through the sale of subscriptions and games. Make sure to have all of the leading companies in the industry of home consoles work on the new devices. He said Sony only recently reviewed the capabilities of a Playstation 5, although it is not expected to be released this device until next year to say the least.

It has already been rumored that the Playstation 5 may be more expensive than the Playstation 4 the current Pro. And reveal to us Sony about the prices yet, but the company reported that its price will be ” attractive “.

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