The new technology used for the World Cup 2018 for delivery !

No doubt and you watch the World Cup 2018 wondered about the technology used than arbitration, so that there are many techniques that can turn to government when the government is obscure tax penalties for example, and that’s why we came today’s most prominent technologies used in the World Cup and that will amaze you definitely.


In the beginning, Let’s talk about the former existing in the hands of the government and is a watch company HUBLOT, the latter running are your hours smartphone, and enables the government to write the overtime. and send it automatically to the fourth official who holds and knows about the time remaining, in addition to this, when entering the ball and crossed the goal line will be shown on this notice says that there is a ball crossed the goal line and thus confirms the government’s goal.


Let’s put now is former aside, let’s talk about new technologies at the World Cup and is a technology export. In any match of the World Cup there will be 36 camera filming, 8 of them dedicated to the recommendation in 4k HDR, and this Of course requires a TV that supports HDR and the internet enough to be able to 4k, and also a must have subscription for this quality. The second 8 cameras dedicated to accurately convey the FHD on the 1000 Frame per second, which can work re too slow. In addition to the two cameras dedicated to something called Ultra Motion and that moving too quickly to be able to such as filming the movement of the masses when they say something periodically as their hands, for example. In some cameras filming with the 360, where they are the top of the stadium and inside the stadium too, to give us a frag 360 degrees to let you watch from all angles. And this is in addition to the more than 20 cameras, including cameras Derwent revolves around the pitch.

T-shirts players, and video technology

Away from filming, and go inside the stadium and exactly to the T-shirts of the players, so that each player of the team in his t-shirt on some of the techniques used to determine the movements of the player, such as challenges, seen, the number of passes and etc. And also don’t forget about the video technology used by the government to watch the scene very slow to give a fair judgment, and frankly, I don’t fucking like this last technique so that you earn some kind of game atmosphere.

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