The new tool allows you to look at the iPhone XS on all sides

Many users now faces a difficult choice — to buy an iPhone XS or dig and buy a iPhone XS Max. But the problem is that the image on the official website does not give a complete picture about the devices and evaluate them “in the flesh” will not work, not even on sale. However, we can offer an interesting alternative.

Developers and enthusiasts have created a tool called Hotspot 3Dthat allows literally to consider the new Apple from all sides. It is possible not only to evaluate a specific model and color you want, but also to visually compare with the other flagships of this past year, including the latest Android smartphones. The base currently has 23 service smartphone.

At the moment the utility is in beta stage, this means that the device list will only grow. All comments and suggestions for improving service, you can send directly to the developers using the social network.

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