The new version of Google Chrome for Android now lets easy access to put a ” Dark Mode “

Google chrome

Got Google Chrome for Android on night mode ” Dark Mode ” in version 74 that were released in the month of April last, but was to hide this situation away from the reach of ordinary users, this means that the majority of users were not aware of the existence of this situation.

To move forward fast to today, the Google Company version 75 of the browser Google Chrome for Android, which is the version that you finally introduced Night Mode in the settings menu of the browser, allowing everyone to see this option and activate it if they wish to do so. In the case of default, the Google Chrome browser to night mode when the mode to Save Battery ” Battery Saver ” in your running, but you can force him to be light or dark.

The company Google also added generator password to Google Chrome browser. When you click the password input box, you’ll see a new video appears below, with the Key icon to get a list of all saved passwords for this site. Next to the option ” suggest a strong password“, if you choose to do so, you will create one for you automatically.

There are many other improvements that the company Google get it to Google Chrome with version 75, and if you are interested see the full list of changes and improvements, make sure you move to the source link below. Should have up the new version of the browser to your phone over the next few weeks in case you haven’t up to him really.


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