The new version of Google Chrome gives AutoPlay videos annoying

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الإصدار الجديد من جوجل كروم يمنع التشغيل التلقائي لمقاطع الفيديو المزعجة

Google launched a version 66 of the Chrome browser for different operating systems for devices and mobile phones, which include Windows, Mac and Linux, Android, iOS, and version the several advantages to developers and users of the most important being mute and AutoPlay for videos that have sound, this feature is considered of the more demand for the Chrome browser has been delayed three months where he was supposed to be issuing Chrome 64, which came at the time the option to disable the images entirely on the basis of each position of a feature also arrived late from what was planned was a must be present in version Chrome 63.

Will the Chrome browser be able to find out which videos you must prevent run automatically from web pages based on several criteria such as: the number of times you visit the sites and interact with the videos and copy the video from the net, this tends browser sites such as YouTube and Netflix are available, which depends Video the basis of their employment for any site tell me another displays the video ad.

Register pointer interaction with the media, MEI number of visits for a particular site versus the number of times that a user of the video content on this site that increases its size about 200 × 140 pixels, for a period of more than seven seconds with no sound cancellation.

Also included updated Google Chrome on the several advantages of the new security, including:

The advantage of the isolation of the site which allow for more protection of the gap Spectre by forcing sites not to assemble the sensitive data given to maintain privacy of users.

It also became there a special option to export the passwords stored in the browser and stored within the file format CVS on your desktop to watch it later via messages or email, and that is done through the browser settings.

When moving to the features of the developers, includes Chrome 66 car show الصورBitmap instead of creating an img tag first, leading to storage of multiple copies of the image in memory, there are adjustments to deal with CSS and API Fetch API, as will the new version of the interface adaptable by developers to schedule downloads, analysis, comment, pause and cancellation.

It is worth mentioning that Google Chrome dominates the market for web browsers where used by 57.7% of Internet users through desktop computers and laptops according to data from company statistics StatCounter, this means that the changes that are made in Chrome will have a significant impact on how web sites.

You can update to the latest version now using an updated browser built-in or downloaded directly from here.

The new version of Google Chrome gives AutoPlay videos annoying

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