The new version of the Gmail service would bring with it the advantage of the ” secret mode “


We’ve heard in the past many reports that suggest that Google is working on the design of the new web version of Gmail. It should be noted that it has already been leaking some images of the new design, and now revealed a new report from The Verge that in addition to the new design, there may be also some new features which we all Aspire.

Thanks to the popularity of posts self-destruction on a number of social networks, it seems that Google want to apply something similar in the new version of the Gmail application on the form ” the situation of secret | Confidential Mode “. What this means is that when you are sent an email with this mode, users are not able to forward or copy them or download them or print them, this is a feature that can be very useful in case if you are using the email service of Google in order to work.

Users can also specify the expiration date to the e-mails sent as well as enter a password option where the users can protect e-mails from volunteers, so even if your email open on your computer, you’ll remain some of the electronic messages are protected. And, of course, does not prevent the users from taking a screenshot or take a picture of your e-mail, but we assume that this is what they need to do currently.

This is not a new feature per se, as Microsoft has features similar to Outlook, but it’s still good news and welcome by those who prefer to use Gmail.



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