The newest feature from Google for Gmail will allow you to do more than just send and receive e-mails

Google Gmail

I got Gmail on the enormous changes in the past year, besides the new design, it got this service as well on the many new features that let you do more than just send emails. Now, the company Google in the process to make Gmail even more useful by adding the key new feature to the service. In addition to the calendar, archives and functions already available in Gmail, you’ll also be able to take advantage of a new feature called messages dynamic, a feature that was available for the customers in institutions and companies, starting from late March.

With the help of messaging feature dynamic, which will be launched widely in the second day of July next will be activated by default on all Gmail accounts, you will be able to perform many of the tasks within the inbox directly, without the need to move the Web page to a different. You will become the Gmail messages from different senders richer once you launch the messaging feature dynamic, which supports many features like RSVP-ing to events, and fill in a questionnaire, responses to comments, and browse the catalogs. Here’s an example provided by Google in a publication recently on the official blog :

Take the comment in Google Docs for example. Instead of receiving notifications for individual email when someone mentions you in a comment, you’ll now see a series of messages updated in Gmail where you can easily reply to a comment or solution, directly inside the message.

Here’s how it would respond to the comment :


For those who can send electronic messages to the dynamic here, it was explained the site Engadget that Google recommends to developers one by one privacy and security. Include a list of companies currently approved and Despegar and Doodle and Ecwid and Freshworks and Nexxt and OYO Rooms, and Pinterest and redBus, but there are more companies that will be added in the future.

Will launch this feature to all Gmail users in early next month, but that doesn’t mean that you have to use it. If you do not deal with all these additional tasks in the e-mail, you can disable them once launched. All you have to do is head to your Gmail settings.


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