The next generation of networks 6G will contact faster with the higher standards in the protection and safety

Confirmed Mika Rantakokko one of the members of the Working Group on the development of technology 6G next, on to the next generation to assess the 6G will contact faster standards safe the top to support the integration between the real world and digital in the end.

I started 5G networks spread in many regions of the world already, today, the co team working on the development of the next generation of the vision that apply technology to 6G later.

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Came the technique of the fifth-generation networks to new levels in communications rapid in all parts of the world, which miss out on the 4G networks or the previous years, today, came peeps first about the vision for the next network 6G.

I have confirmed a working group on technical standards and 6G of Cairo, that the speed of new technology will the merger complete between reality and the digital world, and will allow the development of the technique of artificial intelligence to a higher level control enables efficiency standards and a better integration to improve the choices the user’s favorite preset.


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