The next generation of TV ” Samsung to The Wall ” the size of a 292-inch and accurately 8K HDR


In last year’s version of CES CES, Samsung detects your TV a huge Samsung The Wall. It was renamed this name because of its large size, up to 146 inches, which allows it to stretching on the length of the wall, hence the name. If you think that the 146 inch size is considered very large for a TV, you’re not wrong, but I have the Samsung new version of TV Samsung The Wall that would forget you in the current version.

With the next generation of TV Samsung The Wall, the Samsung double screen size up to 292 inches. Moreover, this new TV will come also strictly 8K, which means that all content presented must be clear. And for those who don’t know it, the Samsung The Wall is a huge TV adjustable to your units.

This is used TV technology MicroLED edges without a frame to help create a giant screen smooth. This also means that in terms of size, users will be able to customize it so that it can start its size from 73-inch and accuracy of 2K with the possibility of increasing its size to 292 inch and accuracy to 8K, assuming that you have a lot of space available.

Announced Samsung also to the next generation of TV Samsug The Wall will be available in the month of July, but did not reveal the cost until now. However, if I heard about this product and did not bother to inquire about its price, then maybe you’re not one of those people who use their Samsung to this TV.

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