The next generation of Xbox might be the words for more than one device, according to a new report


I don’t doubt that many of you feel curious to know how it will look next generation of home consoles. In the case of Microsoft, it seems they are looking to launch more than one device. This according to a new report released recently from a famous blogger Paul Thurrott, who were his predictions accurate in the past.

According to the report issued from Paul Thurrott, he says that Microsoft is looking to launch two devices for the next generation of Xbox. One will be a traditional which will be basically a upgrade from what is shown currently. Details are scarce at the moment, but given that it is still relatively early to resolve anything currently, we expect things to change with the passage of time.

Regarding the second device is most interesting because Paul Thurrott says that this device will be the device to broadcast the games. Should not be that surprising to anyone because Microsoft itself explained to us earlier this year that she looks forward to entering the services market to broadcast games via the internet. It would be approach is to create a device less power can cost less, but at the same time create a subscription service, which enables theoretically the company to earn more money in the long run.

Company will not be Microsoft’s first decide to explore the market streaming services to games because we heard reports that Google Inc might be interested without it. She also other companies like Ubisoft for how services broadcast games to be the future. Anyway, you may still have to wait for a few more years before we see the next generation of home consoles, so it is best to deal with everything that has been said so far with the least amount of protection.


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