The next update for Windows 10 will make your computer faster than before

It was your computer slower than ever since that the Microsoft corrects the defects of the Spectre in January 2018. Has slowed down the computers since the year 2015 and kiss is bigger than any other time. Now, will the next update for Windows 10 to get rid of instances of slowdown, which makes your computer faster than before.

Is Microsoft’s fix is part of Version 10 of Windows 10, which is currently under development. It can also Windows Insiders install an early version and the level of it now. But it is likely that Microsoft released it to all users of the Windows 10 in April 2019.

This information comes via Microsoft Mehmet Iyigun, who works in the team of the Windows kernel on Twitter, where he explained that Microsoft has now enabled the “retpoline” and “improved import” import optimizationبشكل by default in new versions of Windows 10. These features to “minimize the impact [of the performance] … to the level of noise for most of the scenarios.” Which is another way to reduce the slowdown that’s still largely non-significant.

What is Windows 10 in situation S?

With punch here’s his tweet:

Through the following link: HERE

We’re not sure of what “improved import” to import optimization from Microsoft, but has been used retpoline on some systems Linux since January 2018. It is worth mentioning here that the development has been Retpoline by Google which is the way, the fastest to prevent attacks based on the Specter with “minimal impact on performance”. According to Google it you can get all the technical details related to Retpoline on the site Google Mail.

How to update Windows to the latest version of Windows 10 spring update

It is also notable that the researchers in the field of security, “Alex Ionescu” it has been found that the speed of the transfer of a set of small files has been improved in the test system, this is due to the fact that some standards have found a slowdown of up to 23% when you transfer a bunch of small files around, but the development of Microsoft’s new it may seem useful to many here.

There is another reason to update to Windows 10 is that if you’re still using Windows 7 (or 8.). You must know that it has affected Windows 7 strongly because of the slowdown, and now it seems that this fix only comes to Windows 10 – which makes users of Windows 7 stuck with the slowdown, the biggest forced to update to Windows 10 to avoid this problem .

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The next update for Windows 10 will make your computer faster than before

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