The next update of the browser Google Chrome will web sites that prevent you from adventure

Google Chrome

We are sure that you encountered some web sites. in the past where when trying to press the back button, it doesn’t bring you back to the previous page. Instead, it seems that it is running the JavaScript invisible forces you to stay on the site, making the only way to leave the site is to close the browser.

This behavior is very stable but it looks like it will put an end to them in the future, a browser Google Chrome and other browsers that rely on the web engine Chromium such as Microsoft Edge will prevent it. According to a report from the website of Naked Seurity, it appears that the next change to the web engine Chromium will prevent websites from abusing the function of the back button.

In this change, and will ignore anything that is added to record the user’s browser didn’t require user intervention. This means that the current ways to force users to not to leave the car won’t work. ” Is new behavior for the back button in the browser to skip the pages that added the entries to record the liquidation or re-direct the user without getting interference from them. Note that this change affects wean the user interface the back button and, not APIs history.back/forward “.

Already been approved for these changes to start working on them, and hope to be able to users of Google Chrome to see the results of these changes in the near future. Must take advantage of the browser Google Chrome of these changes on many operating platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux, and ChromeOS and Android.


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