The next update of the mapping application Google Maps will delete the record places automatically

Google Maps for ios

Are you not a fan of the policy of Google of stored records places while using the map service Google Maps is? This in fact the advantage of find they flagrantly violate the privacy of users, but the good news is that in the next update of Google Maps, will Google make the app to automatically delete the record places on a regular basis.

At the moment, the service provides maps Google Maps option allows users to delete the record of their sites. However, this process is manual because this feature is accessible through the settings making it not always clear to users, but it turns out those in charge of the site 9to5Google recently after dismantling the APK file of your application Google Maps for Android that will include a new feature in the next version of the Google Maps application works on the delete the record of the places ( Location History ) automatically.

At the moment, we don’t know a lot about this feature, but the evidence which has been monitored inside the APK file to indicate that it will be automatic so that it will ” delete ” the record of places to a specific account on Google. However, it has not been mentioned a number of times, which will process the deletion, but it seems that users will be able to control the amount of registered places that they want to keep it and that they want to delete.

This may be a good feature for users who want to clear the record of the place automatically from time to time without the need to change it. In the meantime, if you want to stop Google from tracking you, you can head to options-GPS ( Location ) in the Settings app within your smartphone and then to the option record location Google Location History, and click a button ” delete record “.


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