The ninth generation of processors Intel supports technology Wi-Fi 6 with performance top in laptops

Revealed intel about the ninth generation of the processors of the chain H, where technology supports Wi-Fi 6 in laptops with performance is higher than among other features.

Intel 9th Gen CPUs

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Supports the ninth generation of Intel processors the next generation of computers perform particularly higher for laptop computer custom gaming, or productivity devices that comes from the XPS 15, where it is expected to support the new generation of processors a lot of important of which feature broadcast video content or games, or design.

How come now H series processors, the ninth generation only, on that Intel later series U and series Y, to support the performance of the best in laptops possible on the slim, including the XPS 13 وSpectre x360 possible screen 13 inch, for example, also comes the new generation of processors range from the following features:

Serious Power Boost

The performance of the best with Power Boost

Comes processor Core i-9980H number 8 of the nuclei with 5Ghz, and also 16 threads, emulating the performance of the processor computers desktop i9-9900K, also supports processor performance is faster in frame rate by 18% in games, and also the performance of the higher by 28% in view and edit content in 4K.

Also comes processor Core i7-9750H with a frequency of 4.6 Ghz and the number 8 from nuclei and 8 thread to perform faster by 33% when compared to the processor module to the previous version Core i7-6700HQ, where they can support the players to perform faster by 56% in the update frames in every second, and faster loading in games by 38%, also can support designers by 54% with edit 4K content in application Adobe Premiere Pro.

Support the standards Wi-Fi 6

Comes the ninth generation of Intel processors with support for Wi-Fi standard 6 Gig+the new, to support data transmission speed of 10 giga bytes per second, also comes with the new generation of processors adapter Wi-Fi 6 AX200 from Intel which supports the standards 802.11 ax at a speed of 2.4 GB per second, with a frequency of 5 GHz.

So I expected to support laptops with the new processors Intel run games 4K, broadcast and games computers desktop, stream video content, also expected to spread the routers that support the standards Wi-Fi 6 during the next period.


I know of

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