The NPD report for the sales of market video games in America during the month of November last


The agency has made the NPD monthly report for sales of computers and video games in the US market, and that for the month of November last, and is one of the strongest months of registration throughout the year thanks to the big discounts during the week of Black Friday.

In connection with home games, it enables your Sony Home grab the forefront of sales in terms of the number of units sold, and enables the machine to sell read 1.48 million units, according to leaks, the report of the NPD don’t disclose the numbers.

Device Nintendo Switch was the best-selling the dollar during the month of November, and that means it achieved the highest revenue among competitors, and that’s because the device did not receive the discounts and offers the same strength obtained by the competitors. Though, the device will Switch according to the leaks managed to sell about 1.3 million units. Xbox One had a good month and managed to sell 1.3 million units.

In general, the revenue reached the market during the month of November to 2,693 million, and is the same revenue that have been achieved in the past year, relatively speaking, without growth or decline. The proceeds of the gear reached 1,182 million, up 3% from the same period last year. The gaming revenues and the personal computer has reached the 1 million dollars.

Finally, it reached the sales of accessories to $ 500 million, and this increase reached 35% compared to last year.

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