The number of Android apps you can get millions of ads risk

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We know as users of smart phones that once you download an application from outside the official App Store for Android there is a danger we may be faced with due to data theft or the use of unknown data, but that it wasn’t outside the store Google Play for Android users, but that there are a number of apps can trick users and get millions of dollars.

He told the website BuzzFeed that Google says to delete a large number of Android apps that you track and exploit users ‘ data for ads to the stores with the aim to gain funds, as a group We Purchase Apps purchase apps published on the App Store from the developers and then begin showing ads through transfer the user to external web pages of companies in Cyprus, Malta, Virgin Islands, British, the Zionist entity, Bulgaria.

And then redirect users to web pages, the company is by the activity of their advertising within the advertising phenomenon and then you have to simulate activity across the network, the bot has to offer after the analysis of those simulations to increase fake ads to increase views to those ads and get paid for it.

The report says that most of the apps that were deleted a About Games and apps tools such as scout, has been to download these applications 115 million times, the Share Application EverythingMe 20 million.

Recall that this process underhanded to get fake reviews may be awarded to the company about a$ 75 million during the year through ad revenue.

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