The number of users Snapchat is planning 200 million users

Announced Snape royal for the famous Snapchat they got 13 million users in a single payment at the last quarter of the year 2019, bringing the total number of users, the application 203 million daily active users.

Application Snapchat suffered from a period of stagnation and a slowdown in the numbers of users during recent months but that the company announced a reduction in the numbers of users at the same ee time last year, which raised investors ‘ concern is clearly to come to this declaration as a jump Good which confirms the users and investors with that app still can do a lot.

This increase did not come by accident but the police talked to the new updates to comment on Android have contributed in stimulating the users to interact in addition to the launch of more filters, games and exclusive content to attract new users and motivate participants to old to return and interact with the application.

On the other side with regard to financial matters it seems that the company twice a quarter successful as it was able to increase revenue by 48% compared to the first quarter, but the company did not reach the are even now.

The good thing is that these revenues have contributed to reducing the company’s net loss of $ 310 million to $ 255 million by the end of the third quarter in 2019, a drop of up to 17%.

Shares of the company reacted quickly with this news positive to close company shares to Snape on the high Plan of 11%.


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