The office of the future: what changes await us?

The future is happening before our eyes. Increasingly in offices put laser printer A3format, which covers a broad range of objectives of the company. And in the foreseeable future, futurists foretell a radical change in the workspace.

What kind of work will make telepresence robots that will install instead of glass in window frames and where you can lie down in the office? The most interesting predictions in one article.

Window screens

In window frames replace glass displays that are off remain transparent. When enabled, the screen dims, and it is possible to broadcast any image or video. The innovation will be useful in two qualities. First, it is convenient for presentations, meetings and negotiations, where the use of visual materials.Second, for window displays, you can output beautiful scenery, if in the street bad weather or the Windows face a blank wall.

Recumbent work

A sedentary lifestyle can adversely affect health and performance with a long stay in one position deteriorates. One of the interesting solutions to the issue of the transformation of the office into the space where each employee will have several options for the organization of the workplace. Tired of sitting — you can navigate to the bar like bar. It is hard to stand, lay down on the sofa. It is assumed that fatigue in such labor organization is declining and health indicators are rising.

Badge vs conflict

Name badges will track their emotions: built-in microphone controls tone, volume and speed of speech. The program analyzes the data and assesses the situation in the office: how willing and friendly colleagues communicate with each other, whether between tension. In addition, the badge will be the identification document: it will allow you to open the safe, go in a room with restricted access, and so on.

The computer combines

Futurists predict the emergence of another new type of office programs: planning of joint projects. Such an application would be aware of what tasks each of the employees. At any time you can take the help of the computer: that will tell you who of the colleagues should consult or cooperate at this stage of the work. And the user will be able to assess at what stage is this or that project.

Robots instead of people

The offices will be robots to solve simple routine tasks. Paper mail and other small items employees can send each other drones. Security will respond to cyber-security: they will report anything suspicious, and the operator will be to take action remotely. And the employees themselves will have the opportunity if you want to appear in the office and work remotely using telepresence robots: mobile stations include a camera and monitor.

New inventions are sometimes so awesome, that futurists and science fiction writers anything like it didn’t even occur to you. Certainly the office of the future will be even more convenient and quicker than we can imagine. What other surprises do you have for us SV

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