The official announcement of Far Cry 6, which applies in 21 of February of 2021

Officially unveiled Far Cry 6 that are available on gaming devices in 21 of February of 2021, as applicable to each of Series X and Xbox One and the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 along with Stadia computers across the store Epic Games Store or Ubisoft.

A new generation of possible games available soon on devices different games, ranging from new versions of the consoles provided by Microsoft in a Series X, and Sony’s new PlayStation 5.

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And Far Cry 6 one of the possible games that support the device users to PS5 and PS4, and Xbox Series X, to the side of the Xbox One with a free upgrade.

I have ran Far Cry 6 some leaks during the financial period, to be officially announced recently, where they revealed Ubisoft for a video clip trailer reveals glimpses of the events of the game, with a character Antón Castillo son Diego characters rebel Dani Rojas, wars between gangs, revolutionary, with characters Hollywood famous to represent these characters.

Also featuring Far Cry 6 developed via Ubisoft Toronto for the first time, with the events of the spin in the Yara and the city of Esperanza, as the company has confirmed to open the pre orders, with more than one version navigates between Standard, gold, and ultimate to the side of the issue Collector.


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