The official announcement of the Xiaomi phone Mi Mix 3 with four cameras, the screen size of 6.4 inch


As already scheduled, the company Xiaomi today finally remove the curtain officially on phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. The new flagship phone of the Chinese company comes with screen retractable hide behind a front camera and double the number of sensors and the other responsible for facial recognition.

Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 new features AMOLED screen size of 6.4 inch and accurately +FullHD covering 93.4 percent of the interface device, and dual front camera 24 MP sensor first and accurately 2 megapixels sensor of the second. Moreover, this phone also includes a camera background of the double accurately 12 megapixels for each master note that sensors a first lens girl 1.8, while the sensor of the second lens girl 2.4.

And on the mentioned cameras, phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 New brings Mode Night Mode which works to capture high-definition images in environments of low lighting similar to the situation in which the company Huawei enact the identity of its smart earlier this year note that the company Xiaomi acknowledged that put the Night Mode on the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be much better than the one in the phones Huawei.


Thanks to the engine’s artificial intelligence, it will be the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 able to visualize the videos, the slow speed of 960 frames per second with autoplay music in the background. Regardless of the capabilities of the camera, the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 also includes eight-core processor class Snapdragon 845, and the random size of 6GB or 8GB or 10GB, as well as an internal memory size of 128GB or 256GB. Unfortunately, there is no port for external memory MicroSD, as that there is no separate heaven and 3.5 mm. As for the shipping, they are through a separate USB Type-C while working wireless charging technology at a speed 10W.


Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 also received a version that supports the 5G, but it won’t arrive until the first quarter of next year. Confirmed Xiaomi company that the European countries will get it, but it didn’t mention any other markets. Apart from that, the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 new comes pre-installed with the MIUI ROM 10, as it features sensor fingerprint in the back, as well as a special button on the left side to call the digital assistant Xiao AI.

Overall, Xiaomi phone Mi Mix 3 will be available for purchase in three different colors including green, blue, black, and at a price of 474$ for copying a 6GB/128GB, the price of$ 515 to copy 8GB/128GB, while the version will be 8GB/256GB equivalent of 575$. It should be noted that all of these women come with the wireless charger strongly 10W and protective cover in the box. For those wondering about the copy of the 10GB/256GB, it will be available for purchase at a price of 720$. It should be noted that pre-orders started the day waiting to begin the process of sale on the first day of November next.

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