The official Twitter application for the MacOS will be held in the near future

twitter mac

Early in the year 2018, Twitter has announced that it will stop applied the official system of MacOS. Instead, the police brought users to the web version of Twitter. However, if you of people who prefer to see a special application for Twitter on system MacOS, it would be my pleasure to tell you that the official Twitter application will return to the platform to MacOS soon.

However, it may not be the same as the version you may remember. Because the Twitter application new for MacOS it will be the fruit of draft Project Catalyst from Apple. In case you haven’t heard about this project before, it is an initiative of Apple to help developers to transfer iOS apps to the MacOS. This means that the Twitter application new for MacOS would be kind of a hybrid.

According to Twitter, he has stated by saying : ” We’re excited because the Project Catalyst will enable us to re-tweet to MacOS through use of source code basic for iOS our existing. We will be also able to add features to MacOS the original at the top of the experience of the iPad we have available, while maintaining the efficiency of our maintenance with إستمرارنا in improving the code issuing this joint in the coming years “.

Twitter reported that the reason behind the discontinued development of its former on the platform of MacOS is that it was not sustainable for him to deal with two source code separate. However, with the draft Project Catalyst, it means that the company will be able to take advantage of the source code for the iOS device they already have, which will make it easier for the company.


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