The officially join the club of companies a trillion dollars

The officially join the club of companies a trillion dollars

Entered the company the – Royal buy Google – in late on Thursday the club of companies whose value exceeds a trillion USD, and for the first time, making it the fourth US company up to this value.

Exceeded the value that, based on the price of its shares listed on the stock exchange of Wall Street, a trillion dollars in the last few minutes of trading Thursday evening, to feed the stock at a record high of 1450.16 of $ per share.

The officially join the club of companies a trillion dollars

Can this price the shares too high, as was the company’s share price when it went public the first time under the name Google in 2004 towards $ 85 per share. The value of the company at that time was 23 million USD. With this achievement, the company joins the to the 3 other US companies that had preceded it, namely: Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.

Rose the value of Google steadily tightened its grip on the search market, and enhanced revenue advertising from web searches and YouTube, has created and developed Android operating system for mobile phones, and launched a series of smart products, including: smart speaker (Google Home), and the digital assistant (Google set).

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Analysts predict that the company have to grow to $ 2 trillion, they still possess the makings to achieve that, in the field of advertising, and cloud computing. It also seeks to strengthen its presence in the field of health care, as well as its work in the areas of software, internet services, gear.

The company that is now the third top American companies value, behind Apple worth $ 1.4 trillion dollars, Microsoft is valued at 1.27 trillion dollars, and the Amazon they are ranged around a trillion dollars, exceed sometimes, but their value is now estimated at $ 931 million.

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