The only thing you should not do when you send a message to the iDevice-iPhone

There is no doubt that the messaging application iMessage Apple, is one of the fastest and best free texting apps. This is in addition to the features and add-ons that make the interaction with the letters is so much fun. But this does not mean that the application has some problems every now and then. We will in this article the problem might be I came across one of us in time. Get to know them.

The messaging application iMessage Apple like other apps communication and messaging technology depends on the internet connection. He stated a lot of users, that one of the benefits of the app are great speed in sending and receiving messages. Even been told it’s much quicker than messaging traditional SMS or MMS your company’s Cellular which does not need internet connection.

However, it is one of the disadvantages of the application messages, iMessages, is that unless you have a Wi-Fi network strong, you may not be receiving messages from the third party. And what’s even worse, is that you may not discover it, and believed that the messages had been sent. And when you do not interact the other party with those letters, you may think he’s ignoring or has served back to you.

According to the website Lifehacker, it seems that one of the problems alien in the iMessage application comes when trying to send a message when you have no internet connection is strong, otherwise the app can’t send or receive messages. Even worse, it sometimes appears you have it may have been the delivery of those messages already to the other party.

How do you fix that problem?

There are several ways to treat any problem that might arise on the Messages app, you can follow our previous article –this link– but the only way to fix that problem if you managed to discover not to send messages is to delete messages all at once or delete them individually and re-transmitter again. To delete individual messages, tap and hold the message you want to delete, then select “more” and then select the trash can icon to delete the message.

Always check your internet connection before sending messages, if you see that your internet connection is weak. Otherwise you may learn that the problem is non-delivery of the message to the other party in spite of notice you’d been shopping. If you are sending important messages and I thought they did not hit, you will have an option to backup your device to the IP-cloud, so as not to miss those important messages, and then try the transmitter at other times appropriate.

It is worth mentioning that there is another problem rarely occur is that even with the availability of internet connection is the ideal solution to this problem is to do the conversion by default to send messages via SMS, which turn into green color. Only you would think with the messages sent or received. Other than that be in blue when they are messaging via the internet. In order to activate the transmitter via the SMS network mobile go to Settings – Messages – enabled MMS messaging or SMS.

Do you use the application iMessages on? And did you encountered that problem or others? Tell us in the comments.



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