The opening of the store Discord the digital sale of video games


Discord is an application designed for societies of lovers of electronic games and began to be supplied in 2015, and has grown the app since that time to become the excellent platform for all the players, who are now able to chat and meet new friends.

App got to the store to sell games, which was confirmed, as we moved to you experience earlier. The store entered in the egg stage a specific group of users at the time, but now it has launched the global surface area of all users of the app.

Discord confirmed earlier that the App Store will host some games exclusively, and that this exclusive will continue in general to a period of three months. In addition, you will get the service of Discord Nitro premium service on the free games at the launch of the App Store such as Metro: Last Light Redux and GoNNER and Super Meat Boy. Subscription to this service costs $ 5 per month or $ 50 per year.

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