The Opera browser has become the protects you from mining speed

The company submitted Opera protection browser on its smart phones Opera and Opera Mini against the mining speed for the digital cryptojacking which results in some suspicious sites sites and file sharing, where it is mining many of digital currency in this way, including the currency Monero. Consumed Mining the digital currency many resources, including processor capacity, energy, etc., so turn some active in this area to exploit the visitors of some sites in the mining without their knowledge by planting the blade into the codes of JavaScript used by the site. Once you open the site the amalgam on the browsers of smart phones begins with the consumption of processor capacity of your phone and drain its battery quickly, and will notice a significant slowdown in the system as a whole and the high heat of the device, and for that reason enhanced Opera of browser protection from this problem. Jean said Stendahl, Executive Vice President in charge of Marketing the product in the Opera, in a statement via email: “when browsing the web, there is no visible evidence that your device is exposed to, but a single web page visit can consume up to 4.5 hours of battery life, if you stay open in the background “. Recall that the Opera had already supplied browser on the computers to protect against mining speed earlier this month starting from version 50 of the browser, as devoted to Oprah ‘s website can increase it to that your browser is not vulnerable to the speed.

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