The operating system of your Hoi An has may name Huawei Ark OS


Mantra here is reports from here and there and the conclusions of the senior observers and fans had not reached the case between America and China’s Huawei and the ramifications of it since I know about the sanctions, which affected the largest trading company in the world.

What relieves the consequences of this crisis is the assurances coming from the White House B Huawei may be part of trade negotiations between America with China, which means that all those steps are punitive may stop between the moment and.

After that U.S. companies continue to declare their position of Huawei and stop dealing with it or providing what was agreed, came the first step by the US administration to grant the Chinese company 90 days to become a ban exists in full, which means I’m able to Huawei during this period to get all you need as if something was not until the passage of such 90-day.

On the track that led to the event, Huawei began to prepare its intention to rely entirely on the alternatives, which of them launching its own operating system which was a long time ago just a project, where I started focusing intensely on the completion of official announcement about the upcoming month of June to become available on phones next fall at the latest.

Was shopping and talking as we referred previously to the system with the name Hongmeng, but new here to this name may be the code name for the project was as obvious as a different name when the police register the brand of the system.

The current system is Huawei’s ARK OS at the moment, may see the light of day has been doesn’t it all according to the action mechanics of the negotiations in the coming days between America and China.
But Huawei is working seriously in the area of access to its own operating system began practically in communion with the store’s famous Aptoide to substitute for the Google Play Store on its new system.

Companies will stop supplying Huawei Technologies necessary

  • Company ARM to design a chip cut off its dealings with Huawei and license them .. any that will stop the construction of processors Kirin used by the Chinese company in its phones.
  • Association of SD excluded the Chinese company from the list of members will not be able to Huawei it use the expansion port microSD slot in its phones next.
  • Company Lumentum Holdings specialized in the manufacture of optical components and optical required for Network Communications.
  • Company Analog Devices, a company specialized in the manufacture of microchips for the analysis and processing of data.
  • The Panasonic group of Japan.
  • Company Qorvo American company specializing in the manufacture and design of chip systems and wireless solutions.
  • Japan’s Toshiba is also know to provide the Huawei components electronic.
  • Intel and Qualcomm and Microsoft are also available to provide Huawei any of their products.


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