The operating system variant for Android of Huawei may carry the name Ark OS

Huawei P30 Pro-

When Google revoked the license Android with Huawei in day 20 of May, it seems that the Chinese company immediately began to implement Plan B. own of move to use its own operating system, which was called the internal name HongMeng OS.

Having said that, we are informed now that it is likely that the company launches Huawei on its own operating system the name of the Ark of the OS. It should be noted that it has been reached after the monitoring Huawei apply Office of the European Union Intellectual Property to get brand Huawei ARK OS and Huawei’s ARK and ARK and ARK OS, and what exactly is in today May 24.

It is unclear what is the status of the process of operating system development, a subsidiary of Huawei. But it is fair to say that the Chinese are considering the establishment of a system operating detailed since the year 2015. It was suggested to a recent report that the company Huawei is in talks with the department store Aptoide to work as an alternative for Google Play Store in its own operating system.


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