The Oppo will be the first phone in the world camera front below the screen

Industry the front camera in smartphones has passed through several stages started from being in a natural place within the framework of the phone and then started the stage of extrusion, which has been submitted after the forms and then the hole in the screen to access the camera mechanics, which also was presented in several forms.

This period looks like we are heading for a new stage, where earlier reports said that Samsung is working a long time to put the camera under the screen that’s what my company, Shaw also published a video review of the phone holds the front camera below the screen.

Back to the title of the news company Oppo also introduced the video phone carries a front camera under the glass screen, but Chinese police now want to do one step better than its competitors in order to disclose the model for the first smart phone offers this technique.

OBO shot several commercials suspense of the next phone which will be unveiled officially at the MWC 2019 Women Asia which will be held in Shanghai city of China in the period from 26 to 28 June.

Until now, no one knows how efficient this technique but in the near future we’ll get to know everything about the camera that will become an integral part of the main screen with confirmation that the Oppo would be about the only model this means that the technology is still not ready to reach the hands of consumers until the moment.


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