The order of the tweets will once again be adequate

In 2016 Twitter got an algorithm that generates a feed based on the action account, to which you are subscribed. In the end, on the first positions of the list are the popular tweets that were written a few hours ago, and the new posts are below. Most user innovation is not much, so two years later the developers decided to facilitate switching between the two types of strips.

The team has announced that in the coming weeks, Twitter will get a switch between chronological order and personalized tweets. To return to chronological view, you can now by going to “content Settings” and unchecking the checkbox from paragraph “first, Show best tweets”.

So, we are working to implement a switch between a timeline of tweets and personalized. Testing will begin in the coming weeks.

Developers are reminded that their goal is to achieve a balance when showing new and interesting tweets. The team acknowledged that she did not always manage well.

Despite the controversial view the selection of tweets, the service remains popular and is often glimpsed in the news. For example, it uses a lot of crypto scams, to stop the actions which attempt to Elon Musk and the Creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer.

Do you like personalized ribbon, or you want to go in chronological order? Your answer you can write in our Telegram chat.

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