The organization of consumers in China questioned Apple about the delay on the iPhone

The Committee on Commerce of the Senate and the DGCCRF, the French investigating with Apple TV after slowed multi to iPhone old through software update in iOS without notifying its customers. Following those recent investigations it seems that the role of the come to China, where reported local news agency that a group of Chinese consumers they sent a letter to Apple requesting additional information on the practices of the company about the delay models of the iPhone old and to disclose its future plans to address the issue, and noted that it will wait for an Answer by the 19th day of January. Increases the consumer Council in Shanghai that he had received “2615 complaint about the products and services of Apple in 2017 compared with 964 complaints in 2015” which led to action by the agency is non-profit. It is worth mentioning that Apple began last December an offer to replace the battery of the iPhone versus the$ 29. after that their value was 79$, which pay set many of who paid the entire cost earlier. Source: Xinhua

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