The organizers of the Consensus conference made millions of dollars on tickets

For the organizers of major cryptocurrency conference of the year — Consensus — it has already started successfully: given the price of the ticket in 2-3 thousand dollars and more than 4,000 visitors to the event, it is easy to calculate that CoinDesk has earned about 8 million dollars just for the tickets. And looking at the huge list of sponsors (and this is only the first level!), you marveled as in the area of the conference formed a black hole because of the concentration of sensation and action.

Cryptocurrency conference — is good business, despite the fall in the price of Bitcoin this year.

Within a few days, while there will be Consensus, will host more than 20 events. Conference on the topic of bitcoins that began with 400 participants three years ago, is now a Central element of a full-blown “Week of blockchain in new York”, which is held in partnership with the New York Economic Development Corporation.

Attendance Consensus is growing from year to year

Last year the event helped to draw public attention to the cryptocurrency. When passed by Consensus in may 2017, BTC has gained value above $ 2000 and was reinforced by the first TokenSummit and Ethereal Summit. Prices then pulled up, attracted the interest of big uncles with Wall Street and was fixed at 10,000 in November. In December we saw the delicious peak of 19 000 dollars, and then all returned to the level of 9-10 thousand dollars for a coin.

This year, the dynamics of the speakers reflects the significant progress the cryptocurrency industry in the mainstream. The Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey will speak on the Consensus on Wednesday. Other participants include government officials and industry leaders: Microsoft, SAP SE, Deloitte and others.

The Consensus has developed an interesting reputation: if you speak at the event, you mean, said Michael oved, cofounder exchange AirSwap and the organizer of the meeting Fluidity in Brooklyn. He says he nedoocenili the conference: tickets are sold at the price of 150-250 dollars. The conference had more than 700 people, and the proceeds from the sale totaled approximately $ 140,000.

Other events charge for entry at least a few hundred dollars, including:

  • Ethereal two-day Summit from ConsenSys sells for $ 1300
  • TokenSummit tickets on may 17 sold for 649 dollars
  • Conference, Women on the Block, held on mother’s Day, takes $ 299 for General admission and 599 for VIP access resepshn and lounge area
  • NYC Blockchain Tech & Invest Summit on may 18 will ask $ 899 for the entrance; VIP access will cost 1299 dollars
  • ADI Cryptocurrency Mining Summit — from 499 to 699 dollars

In short, money is made. The funny part requests for sponsorship should be sent every day, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and “see, see”.

However, not everyone is happy about the massive charges of the crypto conferences. April 26, the main Creator of Ethereum, the platform, Vitalik Buterin wrote that Consensus is boycotting this year primarily because of the high cost of the ticket.

“Participation in the conference is 2-3 thousand dollars. I personally refuse to contribute to the collection of rent of such level”, wrote Buterin. And added that CoinDesk “recklessly participates in is a Scam”.

And he was offended at how CoinDesk has exposed the rift in the Ethereum, accusing him of fomenting sensationalism.

In response, CoinDesk said that “disappointed to learn about Vitalik tweet in relation to error reporting CoinDesk, for which we apologize. One of our reporters turned on the unverified link in an article; we quickly discovered the error and corrected it. We try to maintain the highest level of objective ethical journalism, to help ensure industry lighting blockchain”.

Separately pour oil on the fire Reddit users: they say that the main cryptocurrency conference by charging such large amounts for tickets, does not allow to pay with cryptocurrency. Strange, isn’t it?

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