The organizers of the ICO which stole the most money? The answer in the table

In March, the analysts Positive Technologies has calculatedthat last year during the ICO scammers have stolen about 7 percent of all raised funds.

And from July 2016, according to analysts Diar, the crooks stole nearly $ 100 million investors who invested in the initial placement of tokens. This writes the CCN.

How scammers are stealing money in ICO

According to analysts, the largest fraudulent ICO took place in the first two weeks of August — attackers from Shenzhen Puyin Blockchain projects, Group and organization managed to collect $ 68 million before he attracted the attention of regulators.

Another project, the Block Broker, promised to create a platform which will help to cope with fraudulent ICO. It’s funny that he turned out to be a Scam and managed to steal from the investors $ 3 million.

Not surprisingly, unscrupulous businessmen prefer to operate in the unregulated sector ICO, where the founders do not make any commitment to launch the promised product. After receiving millions of dollars these businesses usually run with money of investors.

Analysts say that the huge amounts that can gather the fraudsters, look strange. Especially considering the fact how easy it is to distinguish the diligent company of the Scam project. Most of the scammers simply copy white paper or insert other people’s photos in the section “About the project”.

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