The owners of deep wrinkles on the forehead are more likely to die of heart disease

Look for deep wrinkles on the forehead as a result of the inevitability of aging and aging, but a new study referred to relates to health problems more serious.

Researchers have uncovered in the medical center of the University of Toulouse, the French that people who suffer from deep wrinkles on their foreheads, are more likely to die due to heart disease, and without the need for the predefined risk factors usual in these diseases, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

The researchers said that the forehead wrinkles are a sign of very simple and visible, it is enough to look at a person’s face to see her, and then sound the alarm and start the medical attention to assess this risk.

Previous studies have identified clear signs of further signs of suffering from heart disease, or increased risk of infection, including some types of baldness and earlobe plaque yellow, and the last the specific pool in yellow cholesterol under the skin, usually consists on the eyelid, but the French school is the first of its kind that connects between the wrinkles of the forehead, and heart disease.

In the study, French researchers analyzed data 3,200 adults over the past 20 years, between the ages of 32, 42, 52 and 62 years, and they were in good health at the beginning of the study.

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