The owners of the shares of Facebook want to remove Mark Zuckerberg discharging from the top of the pyramid of the administrative

مالكو أسهم فيسبوك يريدون إزالة مارك زوكيربيرغ من أعلى الهرم الاداري

After the constant scandals that exposed a Facebook presence of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg sums on top management in the company, it appears that investors are starting to doubts his ability to lead the social networking giant, according to a report published by the agency Reuters news.

She told Reuters that investors in the company, they began to support the proposal to remove the executive director and founder of the youth from the top of the pyramid due to poor management and dealing with a number of scandals cascading.

The lifting of the proposed officers of the funds the financial mandates of the Illinois, Rhoda Island, Pennsylvania, and watching the city of New York, joined them fund investments, Trillium Asset Management, to be voted on at a meeting of the investors coming in May 2019.

Presents a proposed idea to remove the scare amounts and subject him to someone else. be as independent of other things of the company, in the sense that the new executive director will be owners of stock in the company – the report says that the lack of independence of the post of director in the company was the reason for the poor handling of the scandals that were exposed.

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