The parent company of Google officially enter the security sector cyber


Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google is now in the field of cyber security. The company has set Alphabet today the launch of an independent company created a new subsidiary, called Chronicle, which is the company that will help companies to track, find and stop cyber attacks. It should be noted that the company Chronicle will be divided into two branches, one develops a platform of cyber-security and Analytics that will help companies manage themselves better and understand data related to security, while will represent Section II VirusTotal, a service that possessed by Google in the year 2012 which scans the files and computers to make sure they are free of malware. This team will continue to work as it did over the past few years.

The company Chronicle was founded in fact as a project in the laboratories of Google X in February of 2016. It has been launched now as an independent company a subsidiary of the parent company Alphabet. You will get the contracts its own policies and data with customers.

Team Chronicle says that he wants to accelerate the speed and impact of the work done by the team in order to maintain a secure corporate data and systems. She wants to make the collection and analysis of signal security which was previously difficult and very expensive easier, faster and more cost-effective.

This new company has substantial assets. Is she going to run home on the same infrastructure robust, scalable and which depend on other services, a subsidiary of the Alphabet which need a lot of processing power and storage. And fasten it with machine learning technology and search capabilities enhanced. It is believed that the company Chronicle will be able to help companies see its image full security ” much higher resolution ” than is currently possible.


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