The passage of 10 years to launch the first operating system Android

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Launched the first phone running landed T-Mobile G1 since 10 years, where he designed the phone by HTC, and today has become the system of landed the most common in the world of smart phones.

Android- T-Mobile G1-HTC

Came phone landed first T-Mobile G1 design, QWERTY slide, where I hit the phone operating system development before the launch of T-Mobile to support this organization.

Has been promoting the phone as the first version with the Android v1.1, except that the first version of the operating system came without the nurses, which later came to be known as the video, keyboard, virtual.

The biggest change in operating system came in the version of Android 1.5 Cupcake, which provided support for the nurses, as I began to Google the promotion of some applications that support the spread of the operating system.

Introduced a system of landed initially some of the nurses allocated to that missed from the Apple iPhone 3G.

However, the tee that made the spread bigger for Android came in 2009, when the launch of the Verizon phone Motorola DROID that came with Android 2.0.

Where the system landed after this year to be a system with open source for smart phones rival the iPhone.

Also was the advertising campaign made in collaboration between Motorola and Verizon to promote the DROID, is a source of great support to the operating system.

The second step in the progress of the operating system came with the version Android 2.2 Froyo, and start application support Adobe Flash, to my Google phones landed a new feature to share it on the iPhone, only that the result was the opposite of the expected after the poor performance the identity of the party landed with the program.

Nexus One

Phone Nexus One

Started Google in New attempt to support the operating system better, with the launch of the first version of its phones Nexus One.

The phone came the features in the design and programming of Nexus from Google, and also to distinguish the phone Nexus One among the versions of the phones landed, made Google first update to the operating system in the phones Nexus .

It was possible in previous the point of first marketing for Nexus, so making the phones Nexus by other companies of the.

In 2015 the Google made a new change to end Nexus phones with Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X, for phones Google Pixel as a new production sign company Google.

The distinctive design was initially stronger in the iPhone which came the size of a 3.5-inch screen at the time you listen to the manufacturers of phones landed in the search for new ways to enlarge the size of the screen.

It was the beginning for landed the actress to the big screen with the Motorola DROID X, which came with a display size of 4.3 inch, to be able to Google to check the spread of the largest in the third quarter of 2010, the proportion of phones landed in the world to 25.5%.


Also at the time that the operating system landed second place in the spread, the control of the Apple phones with the iPhone on only 16.7%.

The system has achieved landed significant progress in this period to extend the BlackBerry OS, which will earlier to 20.7% of the market.

In the last quarter of the year 2010, managed to operating system landed to achieve spreading older increased by 30.6%, which in time came to iOS platform by 16%.

Also listen to the manufacturers for Andre to launch new versions of the phone with new features, like HTC for example made phone EVO 3D, Samsung with the Galaxy S II, along with Motorola with phone Motorola Atrix 4G that came scanner the fingerprint for the first time in smart phones.

Google launched Android 3.1 Honeycomb in the year 2011 for tablet devices, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 for smartphones.

Where was your Motorola XOOM is the first device with operating system Android 3.1 Honeycomb, with the feature of dual display in the screen contacts and messages.

Google stood a Honeycomb of work is fast and the lack of significance for the operating system landed into two parts in the tablet devices and smart phones.

From this point on CONTINUE Google in moving from success to greater success in achieving the spread of the system of landed, where it launched Jelly Bean, the وKitKat, Lollipop, وMarshmallow, the وNougat, to the version of the Oreo, and finally Android 9 Pie.

Android 9 Pie is currently available in both the phones Pixel, and Essential to the side of the phone OnePlus 6.

Sure Google Now is controlled with operating system landed on the smartphone market, having reached the proportion of smart phones with the system landed to 88%, while the share of Apple to 11.9% with the iOS platform, so it has made Google change and amazing with the system landed within 10 years of the life of the system.


This topic 10 years on the first launch for Android appeared on Engadget.

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