The pensioner from Novosibirsk on trial for fraud cryptocurrency

Earlier in the week in Dubai on theft caught 51-year-old IT Manager. The man cheated software to track transactions and are slowly saving up the funds available in your account. At the end of the wallet has accumulated 200 thousand dollars. In Novosibirsk the extent of fraud is smaller — retired assigned 124 thousand rubles.

Cheating with cryptocurrency

Details the genius of the scheme was shared by the press-service GU of the interior Ministry for the Altai territory, reports RBC. 66-year-old resident of Novosibirsk organized in Biysk training seminar. The theme of the meeting — earnings on cryptocurrency.

In the event the pensioner gave himself for the employee of the international network of the company. During the training, the resourceful swindler has persuaded four members to invest in coins. Each gave the grandmother 31 thousand rubles.

Received from residents of science city, a total of 124 thousand rubles, the defendant appropriated the money and has spent them for own needs.

Law enforcement bodies have finished investigation. The materials of the criminal matter sent to court. Details of the proceedings is still unknown.

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