The Pentagon has been developing military AI

The use of artificial intelligence for military purposes is a subject of heated debate is not the first year. Thought about it and the U.S. military. Even in 2016, a special Commission dealt with this issue, but now the military has moved from words to action, creating the joint center for artificial intelligence, which is the basic element in the creation of a powerful military AI.

Of course, at the moment of the creation “of Skynet from the Terminator franchise” out of the question. The Ministry of defense only applied to the US Congress on the funding of the AI. The required amount of 1.7 billion US dollars, and the projects scheduled for the next 6 years. According to Deputy Minister of defense Patrick Sanjana,

“Research in the field of artificial intelligence will change the future of warfare. The military needs a new approach to AI that allows you to quickly integrate any new development in the shortest possible time, which would change the usual methods of warfare.”

Despite the optimism of the military Department, many people (including those involved in developments in the field of AI) do not share such views. As counter-experts say that the machine should not decide to kill the person or not.

“Autonomous weapons, vehicles, missiles and other means of warfare, in which the AI at least a hundredth of a percent can make a decision to deprive a person of life or not, should never be created.”

However, the Ministry of defence and the US government are somewhat different Outlook. They think AI is inevitable future military sphere. And already planned development in three core areas:

  • The establishment of a system for the operation of artificial intelligence, covering the entire Department of defense. In other words, the establishment of infrastructure for introduction of AI.
  • Improvement of cooperation projects AI “inside the Department and outside.” It means cooperation both with US allies and private companies and scientists, leading developments in the field of AI.
  • Implementation of standardised methods for the development of AI, the creation of control methods of artificial intelligence and, finally, the introduction of AI in operation.

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