The people of Argentina will be able to earn cryptocurrency in exchange for the garbage

Argentina puts the garbage on the blockchain: citizens who promote the correct treatment of waste, will be rewarded in bitcoin JellyCoin. Looks like this idea will give the concept of “shidoin” fundamentally new value.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of industry in the Argentine province of Misiones has announced the launch of platform on the basis of “new junk assets”. Under the asset meaning cryptocurrency JellyCoin, developed at the initiative of the government.

How to make a crypt?

To participate in the program, you need to create an account on the network JellyCoin. When registering, the user must specify which role they want to perform a manufacturer, assembler or “generator” of waste. The whole system works is quite simple. Manufacturers are required to report all items they throw away. The network automatically connects manufacturers with the collector nearby who are engaged in garbage sorting. Finally, the transportation of waste to the desired location falls on the shoulders of generators.

If the cycle is successful, each of its members is rewarded a certain amount of coins JellyCoin.

The Ministry does not comment on the choice of cryptocurrency as a reward. While it is not clear why waste management decided to hold it for their own "junk" coin, because the government with the same success could implement Bitcoin or the Ethereum. Technical details regarding the blockchain JellyCoin is also not disclosed.

While JellyCoin looks like a normal tax exemption in a new wrapper. Here is a small part of the statement of the Ministry of “garbage fans”.

The cash incentive gives us the opportunity to encourage individual households to a more rational behaviour with waste. They have received awards can be spent in local shops or use the money to pay certain taxes.

By the way, this is not the first government initiative of Argentina, related to the crypt. Last month the municipality of the province of colón announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency asset called Marcos Paz Asset (MMP). This coin is designed to reward law-abiding citizens — those who pay taxes, not getting fines and participates in social activities.

Source: Bitcoinist

According to representatives of local authorities, MMP was adopted in 50 retail outlets in the province. However, to change the coin directly for Fiat will not work.

But the Argentines are using Bitcoin with pleasure. The main cryptocurrency is so popular in the country, what the local exchange offices sell it at a premium of $ 1,000. The case in the depreciation of the national currency. Bitcoin in this case it helps to maintain the condition of ordinary citizens.

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