The Phone app from Google ever save you from unwanted calls

Google released an update brand application Phone for Android. The updated version is already available for download on Google Play, includes a built-in spam filter to automatically block calls from numbers supposedly belonging to spammers.

How to block unwanted calls

Unlike the function “Black list” that was available in the Phone app from Google since time immemorial, autoupdater spam operates completely autonomously from the user. The app analyzes the number and in case of any suspicion blocks the call.

Full spam filtering

Along with call blocking, the determinant of spamming will not send notifications about missed calls. Therefore, the application will save the user not only from communicating with unwanted parties, but also from the discomfort from knowing that someone persistently wants to contact him.

How to enable the spam filter for Android

— To enable spam protection, open the Phone app
— Go to context menu — “Settings” — “caller ID and spam”
— Enable or disable spam filtering depending on personal preference

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Application: Phone

Developer: Google LLC
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 469 people

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