The picture generated by AI, sold for half a million dollars

Artificial intelligence turns out to be bad draws. Or is unlikely to be his painting bought for $432500!

The development of a special generative-adversarial network (GAN) was involved in the Parisian art group Obvious. She trained the algorithm on a database consisting of about 15,000 portraits of the XIV-XX centuries. On the basis of these works part of the algorithm start create your image. The other part recognized of work created and compared with real paintings. Training continued until, until the software ceased to distinguish the work of AI from actual works.

In the end, the painting “Portrait of Edmond Belamy” (“Portrait of Edmond Bellamy”), which was generated by AI, was put up for sale at Christie’s auction. It was expected that the work will be evaluated between 7 and 10 thousand euros, but it was bought for $ 432500.

“Portrait of Edmond Belamy” is a series of 11 portraits created by the algorithm is Obvious. To rate them on the website of the art group.

Sources: Time, Engadget

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