The pilot service will allow Google to communicate with books

Google presented experimental service Talk to Book. It follows from the materials of the official website of the company. The design allows users to literally interact with books by asking them questions and receiving the answers with quotations from many thousands of base works.

Communication books directly allows to obtain more relevant answers embedded in context. So, the question “How to get into Hogwarts,” service quotes from a series of books about Harry Potter J. K. Rowling, describing the way to find yourself in a school of magic.

In addition to the ability to learn new or forgotten information, Talk to Book may to chat with you about abstract topics or to give advice. For example, ask the service what shirt you should wear to dinner or what, in his opinion, should be a girl behave on a first date.

At the moment, the service Talk to the Book works only in the English language by searching for works that has been translated or written in it originally. If you are unable to correctly formulate a query in English, scary, because the search is performed by keywords.

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