The Polish authorities arrested two employees of Huawei spying for the Chinese government

Huawei Company

Was arrested two employees of Huawei in Poland over allegations of spying for the Chinese government. It should be noted that this is the second time that the arrest of one of the employees of Huawei because of the same allegations, have been in late 2018 the arrest of the director of finance to buy Huawei in Canada.

The agency believes the anti-trade Polish now that it has strong evidence of violation of the employees of Huawei to the laws of the state. It should be noted that one of the staff who have been pick is the Polish while carrying the other Chinese nationality. In the case of China, he holds the position of sales manager, while the employee was employed Polish previously as an administrator of a high-level in the Internal Security Agency in Poland.

Will be both subject to detention during the next three months could face imprisonment for up to 10 years. On the other hand, the company said Huawei they are aware of what happened, but refuses to comment on the situation at the moment.

Police were battling on several fronts over the past year. It all started when the timing of telecommunications companies America sale smart phones, a subsidiary of Huawei, and U.S. government officials from using the organs of this Chinese company. After that, the request of the United States of America from the rest of the world prohibit the use of equipment for Huawei, that is already done by some countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom.


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