The popular browser application Google Chrome

We recently talked about my journey from life in the Apple cloud to relying on Google – read here -. What helped this change more is the development of Google services and programs to be perfectly compatible with the iPhone. But Google has not stopped issuing important updates to its programs to enjoy great advantages on the iPhone, the latest of which is the latest Google Chrome update. So, let's explore what's new in this update and learn about other features to use.

The popular browser application Google Chrome

Password manager

If you use the Chrome browser on the computer, then you are fully aware that the browser has a password manager that enables you to save passwords for all your websites so that they can be easily used later. Although I personally prefer to use a dedicated password manager such as LastPass, many people do not want to download a separate application and enjoy the features integrated with the browser.

As for iOS devices, you find a lot relying on Apple's password-saving system because they trust them and other companies do not prefer an alternative, even if it is the giant LastPass; Yesterday, however, Google decided to compete with the Apple Keychain with its Google Chrome service, as updating the new application enables you to use it as a password manager instead of the Apple Keychain inside applications and through the Apple keyboard. Just follow these instructions:

Go to Settings -> Passwords and Accounts -> Password AutoFill.

Here you will find all the apps that can autofill. Select Chrome and click on Activate, then Face or Touch Verify.

Now you can get auto-fill of passwords stored in Chrome easily in any application like Facebook or even Safari. You just have to click on the "Passwords" tab on the keyboard when entering any password in an application.

Control with gestures

Although this surprises me a little, Chrome has more and better gestures than Safari. You can drag the page down and then leave to refresh, or swipe left and right to close the window or open a new window.

Integrate with all of your devices

There is a good chance that you, dear reader, own Windows devices. After all, it is the most popular computer operating system. Here, Chrome browser is one of your best options. Also, Apple does not offer new generations of Safari for Windows. Or maybe you own an Android device or even just own Apple devices but like Chrome. Whatever your reason, everyone in this browser is its presence on all these devices, allowing you to synchronize all your browsing preferences, passwords, etc. across all devices without getting tired.

Your main browser finally

Perhaps many people want to use the Chrome browser on their iPhone, but they are bothered that it cannot be used as the primary browser instead of Safari. You may already know this, but we remind you that, starting with iOS 14, you will be able to change the main mail applications and browsers of iOS to enjoy whatever your favorite browser is.

Do you use Chrome browser? Will you replace Apple keychain with it? Share your opinion.

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