The post scandal Facebook – are social networks actually safe?

Decide always in our reports and our to social network like real reality, and virtual reality, live what is living in your reality, has it relates to what you learn in your reality, for this meal caution, to confirm this, today we’ll talk about scandal network Facebook the new, and dispose of during her lessons the technical !

ما بعد فضيحة فيسبوك - هل الشبكات الاجتماعية فعلا آمنة ؟

The post scandal Facebook – are social networks actually safe?

What is the scandal Facebook? And what happened?

In a nutshell, the story started didn’t one of the developers to publish the application via the network Facebook, through which users obtain their personality type after conducting tests in response to questions, all of this within Facebook, which is such as applications that meet here and there on Facebook, or that you see when your friends in their posts about their characters.

To here everything is normal, but what happened to the owner of the app to collect the data of more than 50 million users, and sold it to one of the institutions interested in obtaining such data, a company Cambridge Analytica statistics, which in turn has exploited these data to the benefit of Trump’s campaign, which was used to redirect public opinion to accept that as Head of the American against Hillary cloying.

Of course these companies do not article on the analysis of these data obtained, such as information about place of residence, work, study, friends, habits, and other information that users post via Facebook and share with the application of personality test and other games.

A sensation accompanied the scandal – what happened next?

Immediately after the detection of the scam, spread reactions to the big, major figures involved, including the co-founder of WhatsApp, which emphasized the need to delete the Facebook application and the network, through the hashtag: #DeleteFacebook.

Was his tweet is as follows:

He has participated then the genius behind the electric car company Elon musk, the founder of the company space Sciences Space X, and after that the one challenged in order to delete company pages from Facebook, which responded to said that actually:

ما بعد فضيحة فيسبوك - هل الشبكات الاجتماعية فعلا آمنة ؟

The post scandal Facebook – are social networks actually safe?

All of this has increased in the flames of the campaign, and the participation of thousands around the world about this, which is the impact on Facebook shares, which lost about $ 50 million, and yet did not learn.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg apologized for this, he reiterated the keenness of his team and his work in the company not to get it again, and decided to review the powers of the applications that get data from users, preventing her once again from the exploitation of these data.

Scandals facebook and it’s impact of its applications on smart phones !

Watch Facebook related to privacy and violation to the effect on the battery of smart phones, we have mentioned this in our report: to delete a Facebook application saves 15% of the battery, and the Facebook app says continuously keeps track of your location, we have explained a way to stop him: the explanation of the way off and Facebook application for tracking your location constantly.

And Privacy the most important in the life of the user’s technical, has already discussed this through our article: what is privacy? You are important to us in the world of technology?

Scandal facebook and other sites confirms the need to ensure privacy and keep them from shopping, and other such problems user awareness and help us in the creation of society and technique.

You will participate in a campaign to delete Facebook? Do you think that this problem is big for you?

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