The postponement happened Amazon Prime to next September ( report)

تأجيل حدث أمازون برايم إلى سبتمبر المقبل ( تقرير)

Came in a new report from the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon will launch the Tell Us annual Amazon Prime (Amazon Prime) version of the former until September next, by a margin of nearly three months of what I thought the police and the public have with an event cuts to watch my prime services.

As the report asylum giant trade to postpone the event to the amount of the large demand and the pressure of the situation on warehouses of the company in order to meet the requests and events customers in the shadow of pandemic SGRF-19.

Where the company has seen America an unprecedented demand for its platform marketing last March which called on her to hire 100 thousand workers to compensate for the deficit in its operations and delivery within the United States.

This came in light of the work of the police to restrict the collaborations with companies selling third-party grant to send their shipments temporarily to reservoirs in order to control the cleaning operations and the Prevention of the disease is greater.

Despite the attempts of the police on the side of safety health and the Prevention of the virus during the financial period an extensive amount of criticism of how to manage the scene inside the warehouse with accusations of negligence and not follow the ways of Health Prevention.

And events within the corridors of the later and fired some staff modern on company policy in this regard resulting in the submission of Tim Bray, vice president of the San Web Services resigned in protest against the actions of the company against these employees.

In view of the decision of the postponement didn’t know Amazon on the report after a as previously identified with a Reuters report last April, which referred to the loss of the company of up to 100 million dollars during the event due to the postponement and the fact that the company discounts work on the 5 million device because of it.

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