The power of Android, which many have already forgotten

Android has lots of functions. Yes, the system is already obsolete and it needs to be changed, but it is still worth to discuss the features, who have been forgotten by our readers. Speaking about features, we are talking about features that are not offered by the competition. Given that the only competitor of Android is iOS, it is not surprising. Only now realize how poor choice for consumers. However, the material today is not about that.

Application shortcuts

Yes, in Android you can create a shortcut to quickly jump to a particular application window. For example, if you open Google Play mainly to navigate to the menu of installed applications, you can create a shortcut that will immediately open the desired window.

The USB connection

With your Android smartphone using OTG cable you can connect flash drive, keyboard, mouse, and other devices.

Night Light

To call this mode is analogous to Night Shift is difficult, as the screen adapts automatically, but given the time of day. This mode removes the blue display light, relaxing the eye strain in the dark.


Feature allows you to use a lock to prevent you to switch between applications.

Clearing the cache

Unlike iOS, in Android it is easily possible to clear the cache using app Files from Google.

The ability to completely turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

IOS completely you can disable the wireless network only via the settings. In the case of Android this is done through the quick settings in two steps.


In the settings, developers can speed up the animation system. This freedom to owners of Apple’s smartphone, no one will.

And what little-known functions not long ago found our readers in the process of operation of an Android smartphone?

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