The presented system, which will prevent intersections from traffic lights

A group of American researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon has recently conducted a very interesting experiment: they were able to regulate the movement of machines with the usual traffic lights, and with the help of automatic signal between cars. And it was extremely effective.

In their study, the researchers used the built-in on-Board car computer data interchange. It transmits information about GPS-coordinates, speed and direction. The computer analyzes the information received from all the neighboring machines, and on this basis gives the driver information about whether you can go or is it better to stop to allow other road users.

The experiment was conducted on one of the uncontrolled intersections. It turned out that the new system allows you to save 20% of the time that will significantly reduce traffic jams. In refining this figure could grow to 30%. Thus, the system remains effective even in the SDA States in which the driver is obliged to stop before the intersection anyway. Even if the crossroads nobody else goes.

At the moment the system has only one drawback: it can not take into account the movement of pedestrians. Of course, you can include them in this scheme using the application on the smartphone, but someone may not have a phone. Or it may be discharged. In addition, the system only works at intersections, where roads converge at right angles. Other configurations are not supported yet.

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